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This website has been made possible in part through contributions from the Pharmacy Conference silent auction. Pharmacists-at-Risk would like to thank the Manitoba Society of Pharmacists for their generous support

Problems ĘC or more appropriately- personal problems. We all experience them, and work them out most of the time. Some problems might involve

• Maritial issues
• Financial issues
• Family issues
• Chemical use (including alcohol)
• Emotional/psychological/physical issues
• Gambling

Because we are all unique as individuals, we respond differently to problem situations. At times, however, these problems may seem next to impossible to resolve on our own. We may need HELP!

The Pharmacists-At-Risk committee is dedicated to the care and assistance of pharmacists in need of Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual Support.

If you or a colleague are experiencing personal problems, no matter what the issue may be, the Pharmacists-At-Risk Committee can HELP.